Aniridia Europe gathers the community of patients all over the continent.
The 2nd European Conference on Aniridia is primarily a scientific event involving physicians and researchers and it is aimed at promoting research and care on the disease. The language will be in advanced English and on a rather high medical technical level. However, non-professionals who want to listen in on the first three sessions of the conference (Friday full day and Saturday morning), are welcome to do so. Please take note that this part of the conference is not open for non-professionals to get involved in discussions or ask questions directly to the professionals.
On Saturday afternoon session, instead, some of the speakers from the previous sessions will directly address the aniridia community of patients, summarizing the outcomes of the conference and focusing on some key topics. This session is intended to provide physicians, research scientists and patients an opportunity to meet and learn from each other.
Patients willing to attend the conference, please go to the  registration area.
Last but not least, this event offers also the opportunity for patient meetings before/after the conference or in parallel to it. Please find the programme of Aniridia Europe’s institutional and social activities on its website.


Aniridia Europe would like to thank HumanOptics  and Doriss Land  for supporting our mission and for their generous donations. Their assistance is essential in helping us achieve our objectives.
Please see the sponsors’ page on our website